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Knellwood War Memorial Home – New Patio and Petanque Terrain

Project: New Patio and Petanque Terrain

Location: Canterbury Road, Farnborough

This project in Farnborough comprises of:


  • Removing the existing patio
  • Prepare the ground for the new patio to be laid.
  • Dig a trench surrounding the building for the new retaining wall.
  • Supply and lay single concrete blocks to create the retaining wall
  • Supply and lay matching bricks on the face of the retaining wall to match the building
  • Supply and spread 100 tons of crush concrete to increase the level of the new patio
  • Replace the existing manholes
  • Create steps from the new building area into the lawn.
  • Supply and lay porcelain tiles.

Petanque Terrain

  • Excavate the ground
  • Supply and lay crush concrete and a geotex membrane
  • Supply and install timber to create a frame
  • Surrounding the frame to create a solid boarder
  • All the excavated soil will be re-used surrounding the terrain to create a level surface and avoid any drops for safety
  • Supply and spread grass seed