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Guildford – Landscaping project in rear and side garden

Project: New Patio, and Entertainment Section

Location: Watford Close, Guildford

This project in Guildford comprises of:

Landscaping rear and side garden

Hard Surface preparation

Prepare the ground for the new landscaping scheme as per the plan provided.

  • Remove the existing lawn from the back garden
  • Excavate the ground by approx. 450mm – 600mm to create a flat blank canvas.
  • Keep some of the soil to refill the raised beds – the rest of the soil to be removed from site using grab lorries
  • Prepare the ground for all the hard surfaces patio, gravel area and retaining walls.
  • Excavate the ground by the 250mm
  • Supply and lay crush concrete, mot type 1 and geotex membrane ready for the porcelain tiles to be laid as per the plan provided – a total of 97sqm

Retaining walls preparation

  • Dig a trench a total of 52 linear meters long and 0.3m deep
  • Supply and fill the trenches with c35 concrete to create a foundation ready for the retaining walls to be installed.
  • Supply and lay hollow blocks surrounding the new patio area and raised beds as per the plan provided.


  • Supply and install hollow blocks to create steps in 3 locations.
  • Dimension and specification as per the plan provided.

Retaining walls

  • Supply and lay 26sqm of slate cladding, colour to be selected by the client and lay on the face of the hollow blocks to create a professional finish.
  • Supply and lay the same porcelain tiles on top of the walls to create capping stones.

Patio and pathways

  • Supply and lay 97sqm of porcelain tiles.
  • 97sqm will cover all the patio, steps and pathways including the top of the retaining walls.

Sleeper flower bed

  • Supply and install additional 5 wooden sleepers to extend the existing flower beds on the side of the property.

Gravel area

  • Remove the existing standard gravel on the side of the property (the gravel to be re-used at the front of the property)
  • Supply and lay geotex membrane ready for planting.
  • Supply and lay 2 tons of decorative aggregates.

BBQ Wall

  • Create a BBQ wall 3m long and 2.2m high using hollow blocks and the same slate cladding as the retaining walls.

Cedar Fencing

  • Supply and install wooden joists surrounding the new entertainment section, BBQ wall and the house in the rear of the garden.
  • Supply and install 16 linear meter of cedar batons 2.2m high to create a professional finish please see the pictures attached

Flower bed and lawn

  • Refill all the new flower beds with recycled topsoil.
  • Supply and lay good quality compost to the flower beds ready for planting.
  • Rotovate all the lawn areas in 3 different locations
  • Create a professional level.
  • Supply and lay 130sqm of new turf.