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Garden Landscaping & Multi-tier Entertainment Build

Project: Garden Landscaping & Multi-tier Entertainment Area

Location: St John's Rise, Woking

Sage P Ltd completed this professionaly managed project in Woking in under 8 weeks and delivered it in 6 phases.

Phase 1 – Access • Demolished and removed the brick wall on the side of the property to improve access to the back garden. • Demolished and removed the front wall

Phase 2 – Landscape rear garden • Removed all existing supporting walls which were supporting the earth and patio including the steps – both levels • Removed all the top soil to increase the size of the patio on level 0 and 1 • Created new supporting walls on different • Additional walls were built and rendered on each side of the property between the neighbours using concrete blocks and steel hooks • Supplied and laid coping slabs on top of the walls

Phase 3 – Entertainment Section – new paving level 0 and 1 • Created a new entertainment section on level 0 and 1 • Removed existing patio from level 0 • Prepared new drainage system and connected to new large soak-away located at the front garden • Created 2 new soak-aways on each side of the garden – level 1 • Created stairs from level 0 to level 2 • Supplied and laid Indian sand stones on level 0 and 1 and the stairs

Phase 4 – New artificial grass and base for the shed • Removed existing lawn, stumps and debris • Prepared the ground for new artificial grass • Laid new artificial grass including wooden boarders • Created a new concrete base for the shed

Phase 5 – Flower Beds rear garden • Created new flower beds on level 1 and 2

Phase 6 – Fence • Installed a new fence on level 1 and 2 including 2 new gates